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Log your visits to the movies.

Easily record your visits to the movies by choosing from current screenings and movie theaters nearby. Browse through your history and search for actors and other cast members you have seen. Keep track of expenses and see statistics based on your data. Reminisce by viewing the worlds map including the movie theaters you have visited.
Never again forget about that movie you heard about. Intuitively earmark future movie releases and scroll through them when planning your next visit to the box office.

Automatic movie retrieval

Automatic movie retrieval is currently supported for the following countries; Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, United Kingdom, USA.
For all other countries a generic list of current movies is available.

Search for any movie to add to your diary

If the movie you are watching or you want to earmark is not in the provided list, then you can search for any movie via the magnifying glass on the add screen.

Automatic venue location

With active location services, Director's Cut will automatically locate cinemas and movie theatres in your vicinity. Without active location services you can browse the map and choose from venues in the area of choice.
Got lost on the map? Simply use the cross hair to center the map on your current location.

Switch between seen and earmarked movies

Switch between movies you have seen and earmarked movies by using the toggle at the top of the main screen. Use the large '+' icon to add entries to the respective lists. You can remove entries from the list of earmarked movies by swiping left on the respective movie in the list or using the trash icon on the details screen.

In App Search

Use the in app search by marking any name on the details screen of a movie and choosing 'In App Search' from the automatically displayed context menu.


You can manage up to 9 entries for free. Managing more than 9 entries will require an in app purchase.

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Privacy First!

All data is stored locally on your mobile device. No personal data is recorded. No data is automatically transmitted.

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All/Some movie entries have disappeared. How can I restore my data?

Use the iOS app 'Files' to browse to the folder 'DirectorsCut' in the location 'On My iPhone'. In this folder you will find three backups of your latest changes. Click on the backup you would like to restore. It will automatically be opened in 'Director's Cut' and you will be asked whether you want replace your existing data with the data provided in the chosen file. Click on 'Yes' and your data will be restored. In case you are missing venue information please also restore the respective venues, using the same process.

The displayed movie poster is not correct. How can I correct it?

Use the iOS app 'Files' to browse to the folder 'DirectorsCut' in the location 'On My iPhone'. In this folder you will find a subfolder called 'posters'. You can delete the respective poster and restart the app. In case the app again displays the wrong the poster, try deleting the entry and adding it again.

I cant find a specific movie via the search. Is there another way to add a movie?

By visting IMDb ( and choosing the movie you would like to add you can share it to Director's Cut via the share button. It will then appear at the top of the movie selection when adding a new entry and will be pre-selected automatically.

Need Further Support?

If you need support, please contact me directly:
Christian Nissen

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